The Pre-Schools of Isibani Sezwe Centocow Association from 2001 onwards

Jane Habermehl an early years specialist teacher made links with a group of schools in Rural Kwa-Zulu-Natal in September 2001. The Exmouth Centocow Linking Assoc. was formed on her return and over the years she has shared her knowledge of pre-schools in South Africa and revisited the teachers on several occasions.  Her latest visit was in October 2019. During her first stay in Centocow Jane encouraged the pre-school teachers in the setting up of the Isibani Sezwe Centocow Association. It is where the teachers can get mutual support and encouragement.


These are links to pages on our website about some of the Preschools she has been to during her visits.

The 2005 Visit

Pre-School Association Committee Meeting – Isibani Sezwe Centocow Association

Visiting Pre-schools near Centocow

The 2017 Visit

Updates from Centocow –  the Pre-schools

Rural Pre-schools in the Centocow area

The Latest Visit – 2019

Devon to Centocow – Highlights from a recent visit