We are developing links with many organisations both here in Devon and in KwaZulu-Natal.

If you know of any which we do not have in our link pages please contact us and we will check them out and put them on our site under the relevant headings.


• Good teachers everywhere understand that the best future for their pupils lies in a good education. Teachers are juggling the demands of changing curricula with the welfare of children in their care.

Links for Teacher’s

Social and Community Care Workers

Health and social care workers, across Devon have first hand knowledge of how physical and mental health issues are impacted by poverty and homelessness. In Devon these roles are often being met by specialists from a range of nationalities who can bring a different perspective to their job.

How can their expertise be shared across the two countries?

Young People and Aids

With the growth of social media throughout the world, young people no longer need to suffer the stigma of HIV/Aids in isolation. Web sites and Facebook pages etc. allow young people to talk openly about the issues they face.

Young people from Devon get connected to KZN in South Africa. Websites from Devon and SA give a voice to young people facing the stigma of being HIV positive. Lets Talk.

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