Food Parcels and PPE for the Pre-schools?

As the lockdown changes both here in the UK and in S. Africa, please help us to send money for food parcels to the Pre-school teachers who are still unable to re-open their creche’s due to the strict rules around PPE, No child can access a pre-school without having a covid temperature check and be wearing a face mask.

pre-school interior

Can you help us with money for Food Parcels and PPE
for the Pre-schools?

The effects of Covid 19 in South Africa have really impacted on the poor in rural communities as my earlier update explained. The letter below is from Zimbili who works as our liaison project worker with the Pre-schools and is the co-ordinator of our partners in the Family Literacy Project.

Zimbili tells us

“The Family Literacy Project has been challenged financially with the effects of Lock Down and the staff had to take a cut in their salaries. Those with commitments to school funding are struggling to cope. Information on getting grants for higher education is hard to find.

FLP has not been open but working on line. This seems to be working very well and reaching more children using WhatsApp messages and normal messages via cellphone. On WhatsApp I included the pre-school teachers to give them activities to do with young children during this hard time.

Schools and pre-schools have been back since the middle of August.

There are special precautions; those with many children alternate, for example only 3 classes per day to maintain social distancing. Creches, (pre-schools) are also open but not all, only those who are funded. It is not easy to buy sanitizer, masks and water. They also have not received any food parcels.

In South Africa the virus is still a big challenge; people are dying, more especially now we are in level 2 of lockdown.”

Can you help us with money for Food Parcels and PPE
for the Pre-schools?

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