Devon Centocow Link funded Persona Doll training in Centocow.

24 teachers from this very rural area of KwaZulu-Natal were each given their own Persona Doll and during a workshop they were shown how to use the dolls. The session started with a song and participants practised creating the Persona for their Dolls and learned how the process empowers young children to talk about difficult issues.

Pic 02
Singing to begin the day

The objectives of the training were
• Practitioners will become more aware of their stereotypes of people.
• Develop anti-discriminatory attitudes and become more able to combat exclusion and unfairness.
• Session with the dolls increase participation by children, develop the active listening skills of teachers and encourage them to accept each child’s responses and give positive feedback.
• The dolls will make it easier for the practitioners not to impose their own ideas on the children.
• Teachers will step back and let the children identify the dolls feeling and problem solve.
• Teachers will be able to use the Doll’s feeling and problem solve.
• Teachers will be able to use the Doll to react to issues as they can also use them pro-actively to raise issues of discrimination and prejudice e.g around disability, language, culture, faith, health and HIV/AIDS.
• The Doll can help to turn the culture of the group away from teasing,name-calling and exclusion towards caring, respect and support.

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Teach and learning pic
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Thobekile Zulu led the training.

Pic 23
Trainer: Thobekile Zulu

She summarised; “All objectives were well met and inline with the expectation of the practitioners. 24 Practitioners gained from the training.”

Jane says “Thank you to all those who helped make this happen.”