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We are a registered charity and community support group linking people in Devon UK with a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our special interest is in children and young people’s education and welfare. We aim to fund training for teachers and young people and to help resource schools, pre-schools and educational initiatives.

Children arriving at Pre-School

Rural Pre-school teachers of the Centocow area need your support

Dedicated teachers in 60 rural pre-schools around the Centocow area of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa work on a voluntary basis in very inadequately buildings with few resources..

60 rural pre-schools share resources and support each other with ideas for good practice helping each other with funding applications.
Devon Centocow Link is committed to paying the teachers’ travel costs to their meetings and for maintaining a few essential resources such as scissors crayons and glue. See here for more information about our work with the pre-schools.

Please consider a monthly donation, however small, in order for us to continue this basic support

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  • Nelson Mandela Day 2021

    Today is Nelson Mandela Day and the theme announced for this year is “One hand can feed another”. This was important when they announced it at the beginning of the year BUT it is even more crucial now after the Riots and disturbances this past week throughout KwaZulu-Natal..

    In the past I have always said to my friends that the images of violence that we see here in the UK from South Africa are of events far away from Centocow and the Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Municipality where we work. They happen in the townships surrounding the big cities like Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg or in the Central Business Districts of the same cities. If we stay away from them we are safe and especially in the deep rural areas where we work and travel to.

    This week I have been shocked by the scenes of devastation in the small towns near Centocow where I have done my food shopping while I visited KZN. All the three nearby towns Ixopo, Bulwer and Donnybrook were burnt down into debris. Seeing the shops that I visited destroyed by looters and communities ravaged has been shocking for me and it has taken a few days to even be able to write this. It means that there are no shops within many miles for my friends to buy food and the roads into the larger towns and cities are blocked anyway so how could they get there.

    We are in regular touch with our local partner NGO’s working in the Traditional Authority areas of NDZ municipality and are seeking their advice as to how we can best support the people who are currently without food and other supplies. 

    As we see the news reports on the TV and in the papers please donate so we can send out funds to meet their immediate needs and also for the long term.

Social and Community Care Workers

How can their expertise be shared across the two countries?


Good teachers everywhere understand that the best future for their pupils lies in a good education.

Teachers are juggling the demands of changing curricula with the welfare of children in their care.

Links for Teacher’s[

Young People and Aids

Young people from Devon get connected to KZN in South Africa. Websites from Devon and SA give a voice to young people facing the stigma of being HIV positive. Lets Talk.
Find out more.[]

Support our latest Project

Thanks to funding from the Simmons Grant Fund administered by the Quakers, Devon Centocow Link is pleased to be able to contribute to the funding of an exciting new project for teenage girls in Centocow.

Sibongile - Director of WLTP

Sibongile Mtungwa

Sibongile Mtungwa who grew up in this rural area was trained under the Women’s Leadership Training Programme (WLTP) in 1994. From a shy unassertive rural girl with the traditional prospects of an early marriage and the limitation of her background, she threw herself into the reflective and empowering principles of growth and development which underpin the training. After studying for a degree in Development Studies in Dublin University, Sibongile became the director of the WLTP in 2008

WLTP is a non for profit organisation which began in 1985. The aim of this project is to bring about changes in gender relationships. Girls will be empowered to advocate for their education and gender rights. They will be shown the educational and vocational opportunities which exist for them when they delay pregnancies and teenage marriages and learn how to refuse the roles which are culturally expected of them.

Sibongile will now return to her home area to train a group of 24 girls. From a 3 day residential workshop the girls will work together supported by their school and volunteers and work on building self- confidence, knowledge and broadening their world view. There are practical skills too which will enable some to find employment in birding in the local environment which is rich in biodiversity and rare indigenous forests well known for the variety of birds. Amakhuze and Madzikane, (nearby areas) both contain some of these precious indigenous forests and the newly trained girls could become involved in identifying and preserving different species of wildlife in their areas.

We wish Sibongile all the best in this new training scheme and look forward to developing our relationship with her and finding out more about the outcomes.
Read more information about the Women’s Leadership training Programme here

Latest Posts

  • Nelson Mandela Day 2021
    Today is Nelson Mandela Day and the theme announced for this year is “One hand can feed another”. This was important when they announced it at the beginning of the year BUT it is even more crucial now after the… Read moreNelson Mandela Day 2021
  • Women’s Leadership Training 2019 Report
    ” Here is the Annual Report from WLTP, it contains a description of the empowering learning journeys of groups of teenagers in KwaZulu-Natal. It includes details of the inspirational weekend workshop which Jane attended on behalf of Devon Centocow Link… Read moreWomen’s Leadership Training 2019 Report
  • Food Parcels and PPE for the Pre-schools?
    As the lockdown changes both here in the UK and in S. Africa, please help us to send money for food parcels to the Pre-school teachers who are still unable to re-open their creche’s due to the strict rules around PPE,… Read moreFood Parcels and PPE for the Pre-schools?
  • Annual Report for 2019-20
    We have just published our first annual report and accounts as a registered charity. In it we review the activities of 2019-20 and look forward to the coming year.
  • Covid 19: Strategies in South Africa compared to the UK
    Covid 19: Strategies in S.Africa compared to the UK. In both countries there has been controversy over the timing and easing of lock down and the reopening of schools. the financial cost has been colossal and will have long reaching effects on the economy and particularly badly hit will be those losing their jobs and the poorest in the community
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